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Upstate Structural Repair has been in business since 2016. Alltogether, we possess more than 50 years of construction industry experience.

Our expertise includes proper building practice and skilled repairs of the most common issues (and extreme cases) such as dry rot, termite damage, slanted floors, dipped floors, and bouncy floors. There is no crawlspace too small or tall or too damaged that we can’t repair it. And we back up our work with our 25 year warranty.

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At Upstate Structural Repair, we are fellow homeowners and understand the stress that accompanies navigating the tension between safety and budget concerns. We will explore every option available in order to provide an economical and reliable solution.

To secure our customers’ peace of mind, Upstate Structural Repair offers a 25 year warranty on all of our labor. This is in addition to any manufacturers’ warranties on the equipment.

Our technicians look at the problem as it relates to the entire home. By doing this you get more comprehensive repairs that last longer because the repair works with how the entire house is built.

We will NEVER tell you your house will collapse if you don’t let us repair the problem right away. Instead, you will get the pros and cons to all the solutions we suggest and you get to make the call.

Many foundation repair companies are part of national franchises. Not us. We are a local company who cares about our community and the people who live in it.


They showed up on time. They worked until the project was done, and finished early. They explained what and how they were going to complete the project. Then they went above that. I am very impressed with this company and if you are having structural issue, make sure you have Upstate Structural Repair come and look at it. What a Difference THANK YOU!

Chris Tucker, Greenville, SC

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Upstate Structural Repair possesses proven, professional experience performing a variety of foundation and structural home repairs. Our expert inspectors can evaluate and our crew can repair all the pieces that hold houses together.

There is no repair too small or too big that our team can’t handle. We will explain in clear detail the results of the inspection and the recommendations for repair.

When your home or office needs a helping hand, count on the best foundation repair company in South Carolina.

We offer crawl space repairs around Greenville, SC for issues like termite damage, dry rot, under-supported loads, dips in the floors, cracks in the walls, too much moisture, standing water, poor drainage, and sloping floors.

Our foundation repairs in Greenville, SC solve issues like cracks in the brick, sinking porches and driveways, cracks in the slab, settlement, dropped piers, and bowing walls.

We can turn your unsightly and potentially hazardous uneven concrete into a smooth, beautiful part of your home. With our concrete leveling services in Greenville, SC, you will never have to worry about it again.

If your basement walls are bowing, leaning, cracking or separating from the crown molding, our basement wall repair options in Greenville, SC are exactly what you need. We will find a solution that will last a lifetime.

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