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At Upstate Structural Repair, we are fellow homeowners and understand the stress that accompanies navigating the tension between safety and budget concerns. We will explore every option available in order to provide an economical and reliable solution.

Our technicians look at the problem as it relates to the entire home. By doing this you get more comprehensive repairs that last longer because the repair works with how the entire house is built.

We will NEVER tell you your house will collapse if you don’t let us repair the problem right away. Instead, you will get the pros and cons to all the solutions we suggest and you get to make the call.

Many foundation repair companies are part of national franchises. Not us. We are a local company who cares about our community and the people who live in it.

We are more than pleased with Upstate Structural Repair. They contacted us quickly when we needed an estimate. Their employees were very careful to explain the issues and solutions. They scheduled and completed the work within a few days. We are very happy we called USR.

– Mark Brown, Greenville, SC

If the floors inside your house seem uneven and sloping, there might be a problem with the foundation. A professional home inspector can determine any settling or shifting of your foundation and determine if foundation repair is necessary.

There are a variety of options available to strengthen and stabilize your home’s foundation while preventing future shifting. Our reliable foundation repair company in Greenville, SC, provides you confidence in knowing that your home is safe and secure.

6 Signs Your Foundation Needs Repairs

If you suspect that your foundation may need repairs, here are six of the most common signs to look for.

  1. Sagging/Sinking Foundation – This is one of the most serious signs and requires immediate attention. A sinking foundation is when you notice that one side of your home becomes lower than the other. If this happens, your home may already be structurally unsound and should be evaluated as soon as possible.
  2. Inside wall cracks – Any vertical cracks on your interior walls are considered normal and are not usually a cause for alarm. However, if you notice diagonal, stair-stepping, or horizontal cracks on your walls, then you may be in trouble and you need to call a foundation repair professional.
  3. Exterior cracks – Cracks outside your home, such as small cracks on the stairs or walls are not a cause for concern. However, if you notice zig-zag cracks, this is a direct result of a failing foundation.
  4. Uneven floors – If your floors are uneven or sloping, it could be a sign of foundation settlement. Specifically, a slope of more than ¾ of an inch over a distance of 15 feet is cause for concern.
  5. Structures separating from the walls – A settling foundation will cause gaps to appear between the wall and windows and doors. As the gap increases, it will lead to water leaks and air escaping.
  6. Musty odors – A strong, unpleasant odor in your basement could indicate water damage. Moisture left unattended leads to stinky mildew. This unfortunately points to neglected problems with the foundation itself.

5 Solutions for Your Foundation

Today’s engineering technology and innovative products provide several solutions to repair and support failing foundations. Each system is used for specific scenarios depending on the age, location, and structural materials used in your home.

1. Helical Pier System – Our helical pier system, is engineered and made in America by a company called Magnum Piering. This deep foundation support system is used in areas with weak or unstable soil. The system consists of a steel shaft with helical-shaped plates, similar to a large screw, that are drilled into the ground beneath the foundation. These plates provide resistance and support to distribute the weight of the building and prevent settling. Helical piers can be used to support new construction projects or to lift and stabilize existing structures. This system can be installed quickly and adjusted in the future to provide precise support to the foundation.

The helical pier system is a good foundation repair method for weak soils in Greenville, SC.

2. Force Beam Support System – If the stability of your basement wall is threatened by excessive pressure from outside soils, our force beam might be the best option. This begins by installing w4-13 steel vertical I-beams against the foundation wall, inside your basement. They can have 1000 lbs. of active resistance by using a large spring mounted to the top of the I-beam. This can be an effective solution for stabilizing and reinforcing foundation walls, preventing further damage, and ensuring the long-term stability of the foundation.

The force beam support system is a great foundation repair solution for providing stability of your home in Greenville, SC.

3. Dead Man Anchor System – While Force Beams are installed inside of the basement, wall anchors take an exterior approach. Dead man anchors use steel rods driven through the foundation and into the surrounding soil. Those anchors are attached to steel plates buried outside and act as an anchor to support the foundation walls. This may include limited disruption to landscaping and the yard, there is less intrusion on the interior of the home. Dead man anchors offer the option of straightening the wall back to or close to its original position, however this requires a full excavation of the exterior of the wall.

Dead man anchors use steel rods driven through the foundation and into the surrounding soil, so they are considered as a good foundation repair solution in Greenville, SC.

4. Carbon Fiber Wall Support System – A Carbon Fiber Wall Support System from Structural Reinforcement Solutions is designed to reinforce and stabilize foundation walls that are showing signs of damage or weakness. The carbon fiber wall straps are applied to the interior surface of the foundation wall using a high-strength epoxy adhesive. The carbon fiber straps are lightweight, yet incredibly strong, and can provide structural reinforcement to the foundation wall.

A Carbon Fiber Wall Support System is a good foundation repair solution for enhancing stability of foundation walls in Greenville, SC.

5. Crawl Space Stabilizers – A crawl space stabilizer supports and stabilizes any damaged floor joists in your crawl space. A series of adjustable steel support columns are installed underneath the floor joists in the crawl space and can be adjusted to the appropriate height to evenly distribute the weight. Crawl space stabilizers are commonly used when the floor of a home or building is sagging or uneven to restore structural integrity.

Crawl space stabilizers are a good foundation repair method for damaged basement floors in Greenville, SC.

Benefits of A Strong Foundation  

Without a strong foundation, everything above ground level is compromised. Protecting and stabilizing your foundation in Greenville, SC is one of the best investments you can make to protect your home and family.

Keeps your home safe from flooding and property damage – Moisture issues can be a significant inconvenience and cause various problems throughout your home, including the growth of mold and fungus in your foundation. Protecting your basement can also protect your health and air quality inside your home.

Boost your property value – Foundation repairs can greatly affect your home’s value positively or negatively. When considering buying a home with foundation issues, potential buyers often negotiate a reduced price, or the home will struggle to sell. However, if you repair your foundation, it can increase your home’s value, and people will be willing to pay more for a house with a sturdy foundation. This makes the foundation repair cost worth it in the long run.

FAQs about Foundation Repair

Most foundation repairs are considered permanent solutions. Many systems allow for adjustments, tightening, and increased security in the future if necessary.

A professional home foundation, installed correctly and taken care of should last for 150 years or more.

Yes. If your foundation fails, it can reduce your home’s value significantly or deem the property unsafe to live in.

Why Choose Upstate Structural Repair

  • Better Repairs – Our technicians in Greenville, SC look at any foundation repair problem as they relate to the entire home. We don’t want to just put a band-aid on one issue, we want to provide comprehensive repairs that serve your entire home.
  • No Scare Tactics – – We will NEVER tell you your house will collapse if you don’t let us repair the problem right away. Instead, you will get the pros and cons to all the solutions we suggest and you get to make the call.
  • We Are Local – Many foundation repair companies are part of national franchises. Not us. We are a local company in Greenville, SC who lives in the same area you do. We understand the common foundation issues, and types of soil conditions, and most of all – we care about supporting the homeowners in our community.

Choose the Right Foundation Contractors

Foundation repair services are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and safety of homes in Greenville, SC. The region’s soil composition, climate, and other environmental factors can contribute to foundation issues, such as settling, cracking, and bowing.

A reliable foundation repair company can help address these issues, prevent further damage, and restore the structural integrity of the building.

Delaying foundation repairs can lead to more extensive and costly damage, and even jeopardize the safety of the occupants of the property. If you’re concerned about the safety or longevity of your foundation in Greenville, SC, give us a call today.

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