Why does a foundation and structural repair company need a blog?
Admittedly, it seems strange for us to be starting a blog. We felt the same way, but here are some reasons we decided to do it.
The biggest reason is that we’ve seen and learned some things over the years and want to share them with others. One worrying thing about our industry is the ability of predatory salespeople. They often do this by taking advantage of information asymmetry. That means one person knows very little about a topic, and the other is an “expert” who knows a lot about the subject. They can use the imbalance to create fear or to push to solve problems that don’t exist. It also often leaves the side not in the know feeling confused or embarrassed.
We have always sought to educate our clients to ensure they understand what is happening in their homes. Knowing what is happening helps understand the repairs needed to solve their problems or prevent future issues. This blog will hopefully serve as a repository of helpful information that homeowners can reference to learn more about their homes, common repairs, and ways to protect them.
Another reason is we know our clients will only remember some of what we share while in their homes. We do our best to educate people in their homes, but we rarely get to cover everything. This blog will serve as a place where clients can refresh their memory or even dig deeper.
If this blog will be worth it, if it helps someone better understand their home, take better care of their home, or feel more confident in conversations about their home.