The foundation of a home is its fundamental support system, serving as the bedrock upon which everything else is built.

Unfortunately, even the most well-constructed foundations can experience issues over time, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the entire building.

The fear of high foundation repair costs causes some homeowners to procrastinate in evaluating their foundation.

We break down the cost of foundation repair to alleviate the stress of homeowners and create a plan for your next foundation repair.

Average Cost of Foundation Repair

On average, a foundation repair in Greenville, SC is less expensive than you may realize.

For around $5,000 on average, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your foundation is supported.

What Factors Affect the Repair Cost?

When it comes to foundation repair costs, several factors influence the approach, cost, and overall success of the restoration process.

Understanding these factors is crucial for homeowners and professionals alike to assess the scope of repair required and make informed decisions.

  • Foundation Type – The type of foundation significantly impacts the repair process. The foundation types include concrete slabs, cinder blocks, bricks, or a crawlspace. Costs for each vary because the time and materials involved for each foundation type are unique.

  • Home Size Larger homes with a bigger foundation footprint can require more materials, labor, and time for repair. Multi-story structures may present additional challenges due to the need for stabilizing and distributing the weight of a taller building.

  • Soil Stability Soil has the property to expand, contract, and shift over time.  Understanding the soil composition and its behavior is crucial for determining the appropriate repair methods and foundation support systems. Some systems or methods may cost more than others.

  • Accessibility – The accessibility of the foundation affects the repair process and associated costs. Factors such as the presence of obstructions, landscaping, or nearby structures can impact the ease of access. In some cases, limited access may require specialized techniques or equipment, potentially increasing the overall repair expenses.

  • Materials The choice of materials for foundation repair is based on severity and the type of foundation. The cost of these materials can vary, and selecting the appropriate materials depends on the specific repair needs and budget considerations.

Essential Things to Know About Foundation Repairs

When starting the foundation repair process, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Our team of professionals has deep knowledge of the subject to provide high-quality repair solutions.

  • Signs of a Damaged Foundation Cracks, shifting, bowing, leaks, sinking, crumbling, and soil erosion as common signs your foundation has damage. As soon as you notice these signs, it’s important to contact a professional for evaluation. Staying ahead on the status of your damage will save you money in the long run.
  • Severe Damage – Foundation damage will only get worse over time. Eventually, your foundation can sink, settle, and make your home unsafe to live in.
  • Permits Some foundation repairs may need additional permitting. Foundation repair permits help ensure homeowners that the changes made to the house are up to current building codes and will sufficiently support the weight of the building. Permit requirements are dependent on the city that you live in.

Foundation Cost Based on Repair Type

It is crucial to identify your foundation’s issue so that you can get it repaired before it worsens. The easiest way to do this is to call for a foundation evaluation as you notice an issue. There are four main repairs commonly seen today.

  • Foundation Crack The foundation repair cost of a foundation crack can vary based on the severity of the damage. For small cracks, the repair cost may start at $800, while significant crack repairs can cost closer to $2200.
  • Settling and Sinking Foundation – Over time, it is common for a foundation to start to settle or sink. This disrupts the integrity and can put your home and family at risk. The average foundation repair cost for this type of damage is $1800 to $5,000. If significant foundation repair is necessary, the cost may be closer to $8,000.
  • Foundation Leak Repair – A foundation leak is a time-sensitive problem that can quickly worsen if not resolved. Fixing a foundation leak and waterproofing costs between $2,000 and $7,000.
  • Bowing Wall Repair – This happens when the weight of a structure causes the walls to curve. This problematic issue can cost a lot of money if not quickly fixed. The average cost for this type of repair is between $4,000 to $15,000.

Foundation Cost by Repair Method

The repair method used is determined by the type of foundation and nature of the damage.

For larger homes, the foundation repair costs may be higher.

  • Slab Jacking – This method is used mostly for uneven concrete foundations. Grout or foam material is pumped underneath the foundation to level the concrete floor. This type of repair is the most affordable and can range between $2200 to $8000.
  • Piering or Basement Underpinning – Underpinning your basement is labeled as one of the most expensive repairs due to the time, labor, and tools needed. This process can cost $1,000 to $3,000 per pier.
  • Foundation Stabilization and Reinforcement This type of procedure relies heavily on the type of soil the foundation is built on. The material has a factor in governing the cost as well, as materials like steel are more often expensive. The reinforcement strips cost $4,000 to $12,000 depending on the amount needed.
  • Foundation Sealing – Sealing your foundation prevents moisture from getting into any cracks or openings. It is essential to ensure it stays solid for years to come. The average foundation repair cost of this process is $10,000 to $40,000 for a full waterproofing of a sunken basement with excavation.

FAQs on Foundation Repair

It’s hard to say what the highest cost of foundation could be due to the number of factors involved. It is always based on severity. Simple foundation repairs can cost on average $8K-$10K but more severe cases can be significantly more expensive.

After a foundation repair, your home will remain safe and protected for years to come. Typically, repairs will last as long as the foundation itself.

Foundation repairs can be completed any time of the year. Typically, winter has the best weather conditions. When the foundation is colder the surrounding soil tends to be more stable. For this reason, it is one of the best times to repair your foundation and monitor for damage.

Save Money On Foundation Repair

When searching for a professional to perform your foundation repair in Greenville, SC, look for a team with experience and an established reputation.  Most local companies offer a free quote to communicate with you about what needs to be done, the foundation repair costs, and allow you to ask questions before any commitment to work.

For the right foundation repair company look no further than Upstate Structural Repair. We have the experience and expertise to take care of a variety of foundation issues. Give us a call today.